3 Ways Big Brother Illustrates Satan’s Strategies

#1 Feelings over Reality

Get the behind me Satan… (Luke 4:8)

On Big Bother lies are common, and lead to a quick end when they are believed. The cycle of one contestant trusting another’s lies, until they are pulling the knife out of their back, will continue as long as Big Brother stays on the air. It seems that people have always believed that they have the ability to determine what is true by how they feel. Peter told Jesus that he would not allow Jesus to die because Peter felt that protecting Jesus was the right thing to do, but Jesus recognized that Peter was speaking on behalf of Satan. Jesus knew that Peter’s feelings were wrong, because He had to go to the cross to redeem mankind. Christians, and Big Brother contestants, should learn from Peter’s mistake and not trust their feelings over reality.

#2 Misplaced Faith

Some trust in horse some in chariots… (Psalm 20:7)

A slower way to be booted out on Big Brother is to place your faith in an alliance.  To win the show a contestant may have to join or form an alliance, but many contestants have fallen when they put their faith in an alliance.  Faith placed in Jesus Christ can save a person from hell, but misplaced faith will usually lead to some sort of death or destruction. Satan is constantly working to get peoples allegiance, he leads people to believe that they must give their allegiance to something besides Jesus Christ. Satan will use reason, social status, safety, or emotion as long as he can get your focus off of the truth. This misplaced faith will cost Christians much more in eternity than it will cost the Big Brother contestants on the show.

#3 Ends Justify the Means

Every idle word… (Matthew 12:36)

The point of Big Brother is not to be popular, honest, or kind, the point is to win. Because of that fact the contestants are usually forgiven no matter how dirty they play. The truth of the matter is many people play the game of life the exact same way, but there are no cameras there to catch them in their scheming. One reason Big Brother is compelling is that, even though it’s a game, people will sometimes make decisions based on guilt, with their behavior being closely monitored they realize that there is a right and wrong. Churches are full of people who do not recognize that all of their actions are being recorded inside and outside of the Church building. God records our impure motives, gossiping, jealousy, greed, plays for power, and even our thoughts. We would do well to have the epiphany that is so often seen on Big Brother, the epiphany that someone is watching and we are going to have to give an account for our actions.

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