You Cannot be an Atheist and an Ex-Christian

I’m reading a book written by a very well educated ex-pastor/ ex-christian. The first couple of chapters were painful for a number of reasons but I want to mention one very important point. Although this man prayed, was baptized, witnessed, and was educated at religious and well respected Christian colleges he never received the Holy Spirit. How do I know? Because he is now a full blown atheist with the stated goal of getting Christians to leave their beliefs. If the Holy Spirit of God became a part of His life he would not be able to deny God’s existence. I am as sure of God’s existence as I am my own because He lives in me.
With the skill of an ex-pastor he beats to death the point about what is plausible and what is possible. He is insistent that what is plausible MUST be accepted over those things he considers only to have a slight chance of possibility. Again for those who have been reborn, not just said a prayer but actually spiritually reborn, salvation is a fact not wishful thinking. We know that we are saved because God lives in us.
Before breaking into his intellectual argument that he claims all resonable people must accept and be forced to leave Christianity he is honest about the very worldly reasons he became dissatisfied with Christianity. He makes claims about men’s failures being evidence of God’s not existing. He even openly questions how God could exist and allow the circumstances that would lead up to him writing this book.

Mixed in a redicuously intellectual argument full of quotes from scholars and scientist from all walks of life is the very human side of his issue with God. He says he is not angry with God because God doesn’t exist yet he clearly states that if God does exists, or it may be more fair to say if God did exsist, He failed him. So because I know God does exsist it is fair to say that this man is angry with God. He admits that his work starts from the assumption that there is no God.
There is much more to this book and I’m going to finish reading it but it is so important to realize that if your Christianity is simply a belief that you have decided is true because you were raised that way, or because you like its teachings, or because it makes you feel better, or as the author of this book admits you actually use Christianity to rebel against your parents or society then you are not a Chrsitian at all. “Christian” has become a word that is used to describe how a person acts or what a person has decided to believe but many people who call themselves Christians are going to be turned away by Christ because they do not have a relationship with Him.
How is it fair for God to reject this man who witnessed, who went to college to become a pastor, and who pastored for 14 years? This man admits that he had doubts for his entire Christian life but he pushed them to the side. The Word of God says in Hebrews that without faith it is impossible to please God. Although this man speaks of believing in the gospel it is clear from his own admission that he never truly placed his faith in God.
He asks the question why would God not stop him from writing this book if God were real but it is the fact that he ask the question that proves he never knew God. If you think that is judgmental then please remember this man is writing a book saying that God does not exsist so it is a fact that he never knew God or else he would be a mad man denying that which he knows to be true. This is the case for those who have been born again. We would be insane to deny that which we know to be true.
So why would a loving God not make Himslef known to this man who served in the church? God knows all things. You cannot come to God with your own reasonings and motivations. This author states from the beginning that he used Chrisitnaity as a way to rebel against his parents. So he thinks he was a Christian by virtue of the fact that he was contradicting God’s command to honor your mother and father? With all of his intellectual reasoning the most simple theological points are missed because he is spiritually blind.
Christians walk by faith. We do not reject science because science is mans study of the things God has done. However we do not reject God’s authority and ability to work outside of what mankinds mind is able to comprehend. We believe in miracles which man rejects because of science but we know that science is only capable of knowing a tiny portion of the things that the creator knows. Science can only study the things that God has given us for this short life. By faith we accept that God’s knowledge is unsearchable.
When people leave the church it is an encouragement to nonbelievers. They say, “See it is not true!” Until Jesus returns there will be those who claim to know Him but do not have a personal relationship with Him. They will cause much strife in the body but this is just a fact of Christianity.
Why did I write this? Because the Bible teaches that everyone who has breath can be saved. I want you to know that you are saved. I want you to place your faith and trust in Jesus Christ. No amount of human reason will ever be able to cause Jesus Christ to deny Himself.

Please no matter how long you have claimed to be a Christian make sure that you have been born again and filled with God’s Holy Spirit. You can use this as an excuse to deny God or you can humble yourself and admit that you do not have a personal relationship with Him. He is God. He is not obligated to force you to believe. He is not worried that you are one day going to write a book denying Him. He knows that many will deny Him but that does not change His love for you. He has proven His love on the cross. The choice is yours.

But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.
(Hebrews 11:6)

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  1. Oh wow…I am amazed but not shocked. Great post…your title made me smile

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