Blame Game- Don’t Blame God? Don’t Blame Others!

Do you blame others and lash out at them for how they make you feel? Do you do this to God?

How many times have you asked God for something and His answer was no? How many times have you felt pain? How many times have you experienced weather that was too cold or too hot? How many times have you lost a loved one?

Do you hate God who’s in control of all things? Many do hate God and His ways. For those who know Him this is a ridiculous reaction. We know He loves us because He gave His Son for us. He provides daily for us. When we’re hurting He’s a comfort to us. When we’ve failed He forgives us. No matter the circumstances we know He’s with us.

We love God despite difficulties. We know He could change our hearts, our attitudes, and our circumstances. We still suffer. We recognize His will is greater than our suffering.

Despite this knowledge we often blame the people around us for things completely out of their control. We want people to change who they are. Change the way they think. The way they act. The way they feel. We want people to read our minds. To meet our needs.

When they don’t we lash out at them. We gossip. We judge. We tear down. How did God react to our unwillingness to do things His way? He lovingly provided a way for us.

People are responsible for their actions. You’ve got a right to mistreat them when they do something wrong. They deserve it! Right?

Do you think people can change their nature apart from God’s help?

If not, you must learn to engage in spiritual, not physical or emotional, warfare. When there’s a problem, we need to take it to God. We need to listen to His instructions as we read His Word. We need to be an example to the person who’s causing us so much frustration.

This person has to make their choice. They’ll have to respond to God’s conviction. Don’t be the road block that hinders them. Make sure it’s not your fault if they fail.

Don’t seek revenge. Don’t take matters in your hands. If you’re a child of God you’re accountable to Him. You can’t be disobedient because you felt justified. You’ll answer for yourself. No one else.

When you attack other people you’re putting God on trial. You’re telling God He hasn’t acted fast enough. You’re telling God you can handle this situation better than He can. You’re telling God you don’t care about His commands. His will. His way.

If you’re in a leadership position, you’ll have to make decisions. You’ll have to insure that things are done properly. You don’t have to attack people. You don’t have to mistreat or abuse people. Do what’s right in a godly manner. Let God handle the rest.

If you’re in a relationship, you’ll have to protect yourself from harm. It’s wrong to attack people.  It’s not wrong to protect yourself from harm. You’re to be wise as a serpent. You should remove yourself from a dangerous situation as soon as possible. You’ll still love and pray for the person from a distance.

If you’re attacking someone to protect your pride, turn it over to God. You may feel justified. God’s lined out how people are to treat us. He’s also lined out how we’re to treat others. Those who use us. Even our enemies.

As Christian’s we shouldn’t be yelling and cussing at people. We shouldn’t expect people to do things our way. We should never physically or verbally attack anyone. We’ve got to be aware of God’s truth. We’ve got to be in His Word. We’ve got to study and live by it.

I’ve failed to properly respond too many times. I repent. I want to be a reflection of my Lord. I want to trust Him to deal with people. I want to be faithful to His commands.

You know better than to attack God when things aren’t going your way. Will you seek to be loving when people aren’t doing things your way? Will you let God have His way?

But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you; (Matthew 5:44)

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