People Jesus Hates?

Compromise is a common theme in our culture today. Jesus warns of His hate for the ways of those who compromise His truth. The Nicolaitanes taught you could be a Christian and sill enjoy popular pagan beliefs in your culture.

The love of Jesus Christ is first for the Father. Jesus didn’t come to help people get away from His Fathers commands. Jesus came that we may be in a right relationship with His Father. His desire is to separate us from the world and all things the Father hates.

We’re to love all people. It’s the Fathers desire that all would come to repentance. Repentance means to turn. Not to pray once. It means turn towards God for all of eternity.

Before Christ our direction was naturally towards Hell. Towards all things that are contrary to God’s will. After Christ our direction is naturally towards Heaven. Towards our Lord’s will. When we make a mistake we’re corrected and adjust our path.

Don’t get caught up in the group that falsely accuses Jesus of being more concerned with people than He is with His Father’s will. To come to Christ a person must recognize that Jesus is the only way. Not one of many. Not one that can be mixed with others.

Put Jesus first. Don’t compromise. For all the popularity of speaking about Jesus unconditional love we see here that there are people He hates. He hates those who pervert the will of His Father. Try going to hell and preaching the unconditional love of Jesus. The condition for salvation is His way or no way.

He had to die because we refused His way. If we now refuse to make Him the Lord of our life there’ll be no hope left for us. Serve Jesus Christ. Study His Word. Obey His commands.

We see in Recelation 2:6 that it’s actually the deeds of the Nicolaitanes that Jesus hates. Jesus loves every person. He weeps over those who will not accept His loving  offer of salvation. It’s tragic so many will love their wicked deeds, that Jesus hates, so much they’ll spend eternity separated from the love of Christ.

Confess. Repent.  Believe.

But this thou hast, that thou hatest the deeds of the Nicolaitanes, which I also hate. (Revelation 2:6)

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