Alton Sterling- Evidence Not All In

After seeing a rant with the hashtag f…thepolice I decided to write this. I’m very sorry for this families loss and I don’t know what future evidence will be brought forward. I’m only stating what I see. God help this family and community.

It’s very sad Alton Sterling lost his life. It’s sad that racism exist. It’s also sad that every police officer is being convicted in the heart of the public without due process. More evidence may come forward to prove they were guilty but in this latest video here’s what I see.

A grown man, who is a known violent criminal, is disobeying a direct police order  to get on the ground.

He is armed. Even if the gun is in his pocket the police are not supposed to try and outdraw someone this isn’t the wild west.

He is then struggling with the officers on the ground and resisting.

That’s all clear from the video that I saw.

Yes his friends say he cops were wrong. If he were my friend and I were there I’d probably say the same thing. It’s an unbelievably terrible thing to see someone you care about be killed. No it’s never happened to me. I can only imagine. I really do pray for his family and friends.

These policemen are worried about making it home to their friends and family. Obey the orders of the police. Let your lawyer fight them.

Again if these policemen did wrong may they be punished to the full extent of the law. But let the courts handle this. In the end no one will get away with anything. God knows and judges all. Don’t judge a whole race by a few thugs and don’t judge all police by a few thug policemen. #Godblesseveryone

19 Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.
(Romans 12:19)

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5 Responses to Alton Sterling- Evidence Not All In

  1. Catherine says:

    From what I saw in the video, Alton was tackled to the ground, tazed, handcuffed, then shot. Shot six times I might add. Whatever previous crimes he committed had nothing to do with why he was speaking to police that evening. I agree with you, all cops shouldn’t be hated for the bad actions of a few. Yet I do believe in the quote that evil prevails when good men do nothing. The mistrust of officers comes from the constant devaluing of African American lives by acquittals of officers who do wrong, even when there is video evidence, and the stories of police brutality that have been going on since the 1960s. I don’t hate cops. I believe they have a duty to protect and serve all citizens. I want them to be held to a higher standard, because that is what should be expected of them. They should be setting positive examples for citizens instead of shooting unarmed or armed people. There have been many situations, most recently the standoff in Montana I believe it was, when over 100 armed Caucasians were in a battle with officers. Not one person was shot and killed. Not one. So why is it that African Americans are shot and killed in confrontations with police, when over 100 armed Caucasians weren’t? This is why people are saying F* the police. This is why there is mistrust and downright hatred of police. This is why Jesse Williams had to get on stage at the BET Awards show and declare that lives should not be lost like this in a land that is suppose to be free. In a land that is suppose to have equality. This should not keep happening. To the same people. In the same communities. Of the same skin color. It shouldn’t be happening. Yes God bles everyone indeed, because this is not how this nation should be.

    • Could you post or send me a link to the video you watched. The one I watched said full version but it was nothing like you’re describing. If I see a video where he is handcuffed on the ground and shot six times I’ll remove my post. Police officers I’ve known have spoken about being aware of a persons past crimes when confronting them. It helps them assess a situation. If someone is known to be violent it’s good to be prepared.

      I hate all forms of racism. It is sad to me how often we’re told that a crime was committed by police officers when the evidence winds up proving them innocent. You can’t attack the police and expect to get away with it. You’re right about the other situation you bring up except color of skin had nothing to do with it. Different situations call for different tactics. When two policemen show up to question an armed suspect in close range and he disobeys them things get ugly quick. They want to go home too.

      What about the outrage over officers killed in the same communities over and over again? What about the outrage over the violence that is committed against the citizens of these same communities? There’s a lot to be upset about. Good people do need to act. But we need to act on facts and treat each situation on its own merit.

      • Catherine says:

        Here is the vidoe I saw
        And to your question, there is outrage when people are shot within communities. There are familes and local organizations working together to stop neighborhood violence. That being said, police officers should be held to a higher standard than gun wielding loons in the streets of Chicago. As I stated, the people who were weilding guns on that ranch disobeyed police and were not shot dead. The shooters in Aurora, Charleston, Arizona, after murdering numbers of people, weren’t shot dead. So why was Alton shot dead?

  2. That’s the same video I saw. He is defiantly not handcuffed. He is fighting. You nor I can see his right hand. A cop screams he’s going in his pocket. He has a gun. He says “If you F… with me I sware to God” Then they shoot. Maybe there will be another video but there is no way to prove he wasn’t going for a gun in this video. Cops should receive the innocent until proven guilty as everyone else. People’s anger is causing them to see what they want to see in this video. If he was going for a gun then these policemen were just tying to get home alive. Sad to judge them without due process. If he wasn’t going for a gun I hope it’s proven and they get life in jail.

  3. He did not make the comment above. I apologize I misheard. It was actually the police officer saying “If you F move I swear to god.”

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