Good Spiritual Morning

Good Spiritual morning! (How many of you got that reference?) Shake off your casual commitment to Jesus today and burn bright for our Lord. Be sane. Be calm. Be cool. But be on fire for Jesus!

Are you aware that He may come back today?! Are you satisfied with your attitude towards His work? Are you satisfied with your worship? Are you satisfied with your witness? Now, according to HIS WORD, is HE SATISFIED with the way you’re going about HIS WORK, HIS WORSHIP, and HIS WITNESS?

We’ve got to base our self evaluation on His standards not our own. I promise you serving Him isn’t easy. Your flesh is constantly going to ask you to do something else. Have you ever successfully gone on a diet? When does your body permenatly stop desiring unhealthy choices?

I can answer that because I’ve been on a hundred diets. I’m a going on a diet expert. The answer is never! However the faithful and dedicated do get to a point where they are so satisfied with the results of dieting that they are able to resist that which tempts them.

Living everyday for Christ is much more difficult because you make a daily choice to bring your flesh into submission in every area. It’s in fact impossible. We can’t accomplish it on our own. We must depend on Jesus every moment of every day. When we fail we must humbly confess and repent.

For some people the best feeling in the world is fitting into their favorite pair of jeans. For me the best feeling in the world is faithfully serving my Lord. Again this requires a willingness to repent. I do fail. I’m not perfect. But I serve a perfect Savior. His love for me is perfect. His willingness to forgive me is perfect.

I’m willing to be holy as He is holy. I’m willing to grow everyday. I’m willing to dedicate every moment to His service. I’m not boasting. I’m writing because I’m in love. I can’t help but to share how awesome it is to be in a relationship with Jesus. To serve Jesus. I want you to know the joy of giving your life to Him and for Him.

I’ll take Jesus over all this world has to offer. I’m not going to let my past, present, or future failures get in the way of my relationship with Him. He’s worth repenting for. He’s worth living for. Jesus is worth dying to myself daily for. Forget the lies Satan is telling you. Love Jesus with all your heart, your soul, your mind, and your strength.

And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men; (Colossians 3:23)

About robertkennedymitchell

Christian. Husband. Dad. Pastor.
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