Stand up for the Flag. She will stand up for you.

I was taking my dad back to Colquitt from Albany when I saw this flag laying on the side of the road. There were men bush hogging the ditches on Highway 91 just outside of Albany. They apparently didn’t see the flag before, or after, they ran it over. I couldn’t just leave it there.

I find the disrespect that people are showing towards the flag to be disheartening. It’s true, we live in a free country. That’s why so many liberals are arguing that disrespecting the flag, and our national anthem, is expectable.

However, it’s this nation that allows us the freedom to voice, and vote on behalf of, our frustrations. The flag represents the best in all of us. It represents the sacrifices that’ve been made to make this country free. It represents success despite differences. It represents unity in the pursuit of happiness.

If you want to see racism driven from our police forces then raise the flag high. Remind those who obstruct your liberty they’re in the wrong nation. We stand for liberty and justice for all. We’ll fight for those noble aspirations.

I hope the flag will remind us we’re “out of many, one.” If any person tramples on the rights of one of us they trample on the rights of all of us. This is a free county.

I believe our Nation’s ultimate hope can only be found in God. Whether or not you believe in God please recognize success will not come through division. If you’ll stand up for the flag she will stand up for you.

24 And if a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand.      (Mark 3:24)

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Christian. Husband. Dad. Pastor.
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